Old house house renovation.

Old House Renovation Episode 1

Watch the restoration of an old house. This house is 123 years old and from the Colonial Revival era. It has lath and plaster walls, dark woodwork, knob and tube electrical wiring, and steel plumbing. This old house needs a remodel. Follow along as this Hudson Wisconsin Colonial Revival-style house is renovated. Comment on interior design choices while we complete a whole home makeover. Give us feedback on our How To video.

Renovation of a Colonial Revival house

Our renovation team has set their sights on Hudson, Wisconsin, a gem located a mere 20 minutes away from the Twin Cities. Nestled on the banks of the Saint Croix River, Hudson boasts a charming blend of natural beauty and vibrant community life. From its riverwalk and boat harbor to the inviting sand beaches, park trails, and the downtown concert band shell, Hudson is a haven for both outdoor enthusiasts and cultural aficionados. The town, with its bustling array of shops, restaurants, and bars, attracts visitors and locals alike to its scenic streets. Not far from the heart of downtown, historic neighborhoods unfold, showcasing grand residences dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It’s here, amidst these architectural treasures, that our latest project—the Hudson House Project—takes shape. This particular home, a 1900 Colonial Revival masterpiece, epitomizes the style with its columned porches, symmetrical window designs, gabled roofs, and distinctive pedimented rooflines.

Replacing the electrical and plumbing of an old house

Our house was built in 1900. It has a knob and tube electrical wiring. This was the most common wiring method used in the United States between 1880 and 1940. We will remove the knob and tube wiring and rewire the house to code. We will also remove and replace all plumbing. To replace the electrical wiring and plumbing, walls must be opened up. These walls are not sheet-rocked. These walls are from 1900 and are what’s called Lath and Plaster.1-inch wide strips of wood, called lathe, are nailed horizontally to wall studs. The lathe is then covered with layers of plaster. The plaster dries to form a smooth surface that can be painted.Our focus of the demolition is to remove the lathe and plaster from specific areas of the Colonial Revival house. This is a multi-family house structure. The rear unit of the multi-family house is a one-bedroom and one-bath. We will remove the lathe and plaster from the kitchen, the family room,  and the bathroom. Once completed, we can upgrade the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. Join us in this Colonial Revival house makeover. 

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